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The Post Pandemic Travel Process - Thai VTL guide 10.12.2021

After almost two long years, finally Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) are bringing back a semblance to our pre pandemic lives.

Before, all it took (finances and work depending of course) wasa few clicks to book air tickets and accomodation and off you go travelling on a whim and fancy, It usually took me less than an hour or two planning for my next trip which likely is within a week.

Between the time it took for Singapore to announce enhanced VTL to the time of writing (26 Nov to 10 Dec, just 14 days!) Covid rules were beginning to relax, then Omicron surfaced, and now Korea is reporting record high cases and hospital occupancy rates.

Even though the air ticket was booked fairly last minute, it was only because the VTL was suddenly announce. I was actually going to book a Feb trip to Korea as they had VTL. When Thailand VTL was announced, it was a no brainer. I had to bring my wife back to see her family there whom she has missed so much in the past few years.

I never had to plan so much for a trip, ever. Here is what one should know about travelling to Thailand as of 10 Dec 2021 as a Singaporean.

The following is a quick guide on the procedures and documents that it took for me to get to Bangkok, pre-departure.

Item to prepare / note

Estimated cost

Any other info

Notarised Vaccine Cert

Free of Charge (FOC)

Obtain from

Air Tickets (SIA)

From $288 per pax inclusive GST

Complimentary booking change unlimited till March 2022. (Fare difference not included).

Travel insurance

14 days cost around $50 (Mine was for S$100k Covid coverage for 14 days from FWD)

The moment you book your ticket, you should get this first.

ART/PCR on arrival testing

From 14 Dec, arrivals may opt for ART testing instead of PCR.

You have to book the ART test of show proof of stay at a SHA+ or AQ certified hotel to be able to apply for the Thai Pass to enter Thailand on arrival.

Thai Pass

You dont have to pay someone to do this,.Just apply at least 7 working days beforehand. Note that they accept image files for documentation upload, NOT PDF. Also Singapore Notarised certs, there is a QR code. You should capture the image from the online site, not the downloaded file. The pdf file QR code if converted to JPG will not be recognize but the Thai Pass system.

Vaccinated Travel Pass


Other than Singapore citizens and PRs, everyone ele have to apply for the VTP by arrival.

PCR Predeparture test

On arrival Test in Thailand

Test and go , around 3000 baht per person.

Pre Departure Test Thailand

Around 2000 Baht

On arrival PCR Singaore

S$125 per pax

Day Day 7 ART Test

$15 per test

ART Self swab for Day 1,2,4,5,6,

$4.90 per test from NTUC.

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